How It Started

For most of my adult life, I have struggled with stress and anxiety both job related (I am a recovering high school Assistant Principal.) and the everyday “adventures” of just living in brown skin. I started listening to the sounds of nature, practicing yoga, meditation, and anything else that I could find to calm my nerves and relieve stress. Unfortunately, none of those options worked for me.

I stumbled upon crystal singing bowls a few years ago, and was immediately drawn to them. After much practice and research on the different types of singing bowls, I knew that I had to experience these bowls in my everyday life. Soon afterwards, I bought my first bowl from Amazon (Never buy singing bowls from Amazon!) and slowly built  up to the 9 that I have now. 

How It’s Going

I am a self taught sound bath musician, and absolutely love playing intuitively. Through my own research I have learned a lot about the different frequencies and musical notes of each bowl, along with the healing vibrations that each bowl vibrates both individually and combined with other bowls. I have to also give credit and a huge I LOVE YOU to my 8 year old copilot and musical genius! She has been blessed and blessed me with her gift of perfect ear. At 4 when she was able to confidently let her piano teacher know that the piano was out of tune!🤣 Much to the amazement of the teacher….it was indeed out of tune! My little angel is also mymusicall director. She lets me know when one of my bowls doesn’t harmonize well with the other!😆

Aside from our musical adventures, playing these singing bowls has also earned me another “Mom SUPERPOWER”! I can magically get my very energetic child to fall asleep within 5-10 minutes AT HER SCHEDULED bedtime!

As I fell even deeper in love with my bowls, I decided to share this new found love of sound bath meditation with other moms who are also living with stress and anxiety. I knew that I could not be the only mom out there trying to figure out how to work more “Me-Time” into crazy #mommylife. So here I am!

Thank you for reading this far. I look forward to helping you calm your nerves, melt away stress, and enjoy the healing benefits* and soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls. 

~ Gaby